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Hypnotizers do Vegas!!!

“THE HYPNOTIZERS”,  Kenda Summers hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, and Sean Michael Andrews hailing from Heidelberg, Germany are going to Rock You!  Their unique, clean, classy show combines Street Hypnosis within the conventional stage show. These International performers have been seen across North America at Fairs, Corporate Events, Fundraisers and Conferences including Mid America Hypnosis Convention – Chicago,IL – Oct  2012.  They also performed at IMDHA – Daytona Beach, FL – May 17th,  2013, and have appeared at  Hypnothoughts Live at the Orleans Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV –  June 16th, 2013.

Since the 18th Century, Street Hypnosis has fascinated and entertained but its techniques have remained hidden. Be wowed be the mystery of Instant Inductions and the hypnotic trance right before your eyes as Summers and Andrews combine these two elements to create a truly unique experience. Their unique show and street talent bring the stage to life like never before. Witness timeless classics along with Instant Inductions.

Look no further than THE HYPNOTIZERS  in Ottawa, Ontario when planning your next Professional Stage Hypnotist Show for Fundraising, Events, Outdoor Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Galas or Motivational Experiences or other Special Occasions.

Hypnotizers stage showTHE HYPNOTIZERS are currently accepting bookings for their 2014  schedule. You may contact us for more information, or to get a quote and secure your event date!

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 “Brave the Stage- If you Dare”

The Guaranteed to make you “Laugh till you go Under Show”


Your show lasted over an hour and every minute was exciting. My staff are still talking about the experience and will be a topic of discussion for several months to come. The production was well planned, professional and respectable to all those who participated. Terrific job!
Frank Hoffman - Canadian Tire
Your show was fabulous!.... Most were asking if you were back on Sunday!
Denise Crawford- Entertainment Coordinator, Richmond Fair
You both do an excellent show. Thank you for being part of the hypnosis community.
Carm B - Mid America Hypnosis Conference
Oh my god the show was so funny, I laughed so much my sides hurt.
Jean M.
I was a non-believer honestly, I always thought these shows were rigged, but when I saw my buddy up there doing things, I knew there was more to it than I knew.
Joe A.
Well done, highly entertaining!
David L.
I want to be a hypnotist when I grow up!
Jeff H.
Classy, Entertaining, mind boggling at times!
Shelley L.
You guys are so friendly, you made me want to go up on stage and be part of the fun!
Kim M.